Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NYX Cream Eyeshadow CRS 15 Musk Review

Holla everyonee. How are you today ? well this is my last post in this month. So today, i'm gonna review my newest cream eyeshadow from nyx that i bought from preloved makeup store on instagram. I'm a big fan of cream eyeshadow. Because they had very pigmented color,waterproof,won't smudge and blendable. I choose to buy preloved because they more cheap and you never regret to try if you feel disappointed with the result. Because once again, you bought with half price. Oke so here we gooo.....


I received this last day. I'm so excited to try, but when i opened the pack, i'm lil bit disappointed. Because in the caption on the photo it said the color was baby pink not musk. I want to complaint but the color was pretty and i think is better that baby pink hahaah lol. The color is looks like a gold,but not looks like bright gold. Is like little bit of bronze.

Actually the color is so prettty and very nice. It has metallic finish and look so stunning when you swatch it. The aplicator remain me of lipgloss hahha. Honestly, i love this product because it write water resistant. But when i do some test water, it just smudging and fade away :(. And there were some messy on your eye's. All the shimmering stuck on your skin :(.

When i drop some water and i rubed it with tissue 
I thought this is like maybelline color tatto, that you don't need to waiting for dry. But this is really wet and need more time to drry. And the bad is, when it's dry, the eyeshadow is hard to blend and it will cracked and fell into your lids :(. I tried to make some layers on my eye's, i think it's not a good idea because you just make the cream fade and lacked :(. And this is little bit heavy on your skin, when its dry you feel like u used some mask on your eye's.

Oke conclution :


  • Cheap ( Preloved : IDR 30.000 / $3 ) 
  • The color is pigmented
  • Amazing metallic finish

  • Hard to dry
  • Cracked when it dry
  • Not blendable
  • Not waterproof at all
  • Leave some shimmer when you try to remove it :( 
Rating ?


Will i buy this again ?

NO NO NO NO!!!! Don't need any reason why i said NO

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Viva Eye Base Gel Vs La Tulipe Eye Base Wax : Whis Is Better ?

Hollla everyone. How was your day ?. Today i'm gonna do some rivals with my two eyebase. Both is local brand, but this base is being favorite by many indonesian girls. Another they have reasonable price, they quality good enough to make eyeshadow more pigmented,won't smudge,and long lasting. But i think. its never complete if i never make some comparison between this product. So here we go....

Specification of Viva Eye Base Gel :

  • Gel Textured 
  • Need waiting time to dry
  • No fragrance
  • With chamomile extract 
  • Has cooling effect
  • Shooting eye's area
  • Won't make eyeshadow smudge
  • Make eyeshadow more pigmented
  • Price is IDR 10.000 / $ 1
Specification of La Tulipe Eye Base Wax :

  • No need waiting time
  • Not hygienic 
  • Wax texture
  • Smell like baby oil
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Won't make eyeshadow smudge
  • Make eyeshadow waterproof
  • Eyeshadow more pigmented
  • Travel friendly
  • Price is IDR 29.000 / $ 3 
So, if you see all the specification above, you maybe think both is almost same. But its not!. La tulipe make your eyeshadow more pigmented, i said like high pigmented. But Viva makes your eyeshadow pigmeted too, but more soft and smooth. But sometimes la tulipe is hard to blend because it has wax texture,so the color stuck on you skin that you apply the base. And with La tulipe, you might not spread the base all over your eye's. Viva is good,but i hate to waiting until its dry. Because it just waste my time lol. La tulipe is not hygienic, because you need to dip your fingers in wax. So make sure you hand is clean. Viva is not very long lasting like la tulipe.

So which is better for me ? 
I would said....La tulipe won!. For me la tulipe is the best one. Because it can makes the color high pigmented,lost lasting and make your eyeshadow waterproof. 

So girls, you already know about this product. Which is the best for you ? let me know it with leave somment below :)

SilkyGirl Funky Eyelight Pencil 11 Electric Blue And 08 Funky Silver Review

Hola everyone. It's been a long time i have no updating my blog. So today i'm gonna review my newest pencil eyeliner from Silkygirl. Btw, its gonna be my favorite makeup for this month. I bought this color because this color is very pretty and hot as hell haha lol.

 I bought this two in different place. I bought blue in local beauty store and the silver in guardian. The eyeliner is very smooth glide on your eye's. The color is very pigmented and finish result is like mettalic or shimmering on your eye's. The texture is kinda creamy,so be carefull when you close it,it may be stuck.
The color looks stunning and smooth

My experience using creamy textured eyeliner is smudging and not waterproof. So i'm little bit doubt when i choose this eyeliner,since my bad experience :(. But when i try this for my night makeup, i'm so impressed with this. It won't be smudge or fade away. This is so coool!. It doesn't just waterproof but its smudgeproof too!. I would said this is better than maybelline color show crayon kohl.

Swatch on hand. The ccolor very pigmented

The price is really cheap and reasonable. Many of pretty and stunning variant color. Btw, i ever read this eyeliner can be eyeshadow when you try to smudge it,but i never try it because the color is too pretty to blend >.<

Ok conclution :


  • Easy to use
  • Smooth on my eyes
  • Price is very cheeeap IDR 33.000 / $3
  • Many of variant color
  • Very pigmented
  • Waterproof
  • Smudgeproof

  • So far is nothing 
Rating ?


Will I Buy This Again ?

Yes, absolutely! i'm not gonna lie. This is must have item for you, its really worth to try. The price is really cheap and the color is am-a-zi-ng. Many variant color that you won't miss it. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Liebster Award From Nindy Hardjadinata

Hello everyone. I'm so happy today because i just got my second liebster award from ms. Nindi .  So what is liebster award ? Maybe you can check my previous post in my first liebster award. I would say thank you very much to her, she is beauty blogger just like me. But her blog is so pretty and cool.

For me liebster award is for acknowledge blogger with less than 200 followers. I think this award really help you to make your blogger more known in publick. 

Here's 11 fact about me :

1. I'm 17 yo girl
2. I love makeup and anything about beauty 
3. I have a boyfriend, his name is Kalvin
4. I ever be a leader in organisation on my school
5. I ever made some beauty class on my school when ramadhan 
6. I'm so reckless 
7. Some people think i'm chinese but i'm not at all -_- lol
8. I have very small nose :(
9. Boros dalam hal makeup
10. Sometimes my makeup is too mature
11. I love using dark red color on my lips hihih

Now, i will answer the question....

1. Rutinitas cantik kalian tiap pagi sebelum berangkat sekolah/kuliah/kerja apa sih?

I usually taking my skin care routine. Like toner,eye's cream and moisturizer. If i have much time i usually apply some bb cream,lip tint,eyebrow powder,mascara and eye glue. But if i'm in hurry, i just apply my maybelline superwhite fresh powder,eyebrow crayon and eye glue

2. Brand favorit kalian apa (max.3) dan sebutkan alasannya kenapa?

The Body Shop : Cantik sambil melestarikan lingkungan 
Maybelline : Good drugstore makeup with reasonable price
Etude House : They have amazing face makeup 

3. Ada nggak produk makeup koleksi kalian yang kemasannya paling lucu atau paling difavoritin?

Adaaaa. Dari Anna sui 

4. Kalau lagi muterin counter/stand makeup, kalian paling nggak tahan liat (dan pasti beli!) produk apa?

I'm a lippies person. I usually collecting lipstick than eyeshadow. 

5. Siapa beauty blogger favorit kalian?

Banyaaak. But my favorite is Sasya Ailee,Harumi Sudrajat and many more

6. Ada nggak sih selebriti yang kalian jadiin role model dalam hal ber-makeup? Kalau ya, siapa?

Adaa dong. I love lorde makeup. She sexy,smokey and dark. And my favorite one is mua from thailand. Her name is peary pie

7. Sebenernya perlu nggak sih dandan itu? Sebutin alesannya juga yaa ^^

Yes, Because makeup can show our personality. Btw if you see job vacancy term it must be good appearance. Makeup can make our self more clean and good. 

8. Kenapa memutuskan buat menulis blog tentang beauty?

So, so many of my friends asked me about makeup. So i think i need to make some articles that can make them more easier to learn about beauty and skin care. So i changed my blog became beauty blog. Before that, this blog made just because of some task from my teacher when i was junior school.

9. Lebih prefer mana: produk kecantikan dari Korea/Jepang, USA/UK atau lokal/Indonesia?

USA is the best. They have much variant of makeup with great quality. 

10. Lebih suka baca blog yang berbahasa Inggris atau yang berbahasa Indonesia?

Depend on my mood. But indonesian is more understand than english. Even i can and understand english. 

11. Punya brand lokal favorit? Kalau ada, sebutin yaa. Kalau nggak, sebutin alesannya ;) 

PAC. I love this product because they were amazing and they have good quality of makeup too. But the price is lil bit expensive :(

I will nominated this talented blogger 

So here's my 11 question for you :

1. What is your signature color ?
2. Are you prefer to bold or nude ?
3. What do you think about cat eye shape eyeliner ?
4. How long you spend time for makeup ?
5. What is your favorite makeup brand ? Why ?
6. If you have a change to get 1 free makeup, what will you pick ?
7. Do you prefer using bb cream than foundation ?
8. Can you tell me what is your daily makeup ?
9. What is your skincare routine ?
10. Who supporting you as beauty blogger ?
11. Please insert your makeup storage/collection for me :) 

So that's all. So i'll be waiting for you guys to answer all the question that i give to you. Good luck girls :) 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Maybelline ColorShow Crayon Kohl Review

Hello everyone. Its been a long time i have no updating my blog. Well today i'm gonna review my newest eyeliner from Maybellline. I bought three colors because they were amazing. I have gold,tosca and orange. All the color is pretty and stunning on my eye's. 

I bought this on my favorite local beauty store. Luckily, i've got some discount for 20% so i just get this eyeliner for IDR 24.000 / 2$. Pretty cheap right ?. I choose this color because i never tried or experiments with this one.

The color is cutee

All the color is pigmented and smooth glide on your eye's. The texture is creamy like a crayon. Be carefull when you use this,because it can be very fragile and you may be broke them >.<. I love the orange one,because its color more stunning than gold and tosca.

Swatch on my hand

This eyeliner is waterproof and smudge proof. I already get some test with water but really sorry for you guys, i forgot to take the picture hihih. When i dropped some water, it doesn't fade away and when i try to smudge it, the color still stunning and doesn't fade too. This is amazingg hahaa

Ok conclution :


  • Cheap price
  • Has cute variant color
  • Waterproof
  • Smudgeproof
  • Pigmented

  • Fragile :(. 
Rating ?


Will I Buy This Again ?

I guess. This  eyeliner has cute color and the price is very cheap. The quality is good for me,even its fragile sometimes hihhi. And what i love it's you don't need to sharpen anymore


Friday, September 12, 2014

Purple Galaxy Eye's

Hello smoochers. Aku mau share eotd aku kali ini bertemakan galaxy.

With Flash

Without Flash
Gimana caranya  ?

  1. Gunakan warna hijau mint pada tengah mata
  2. Lalu berikan warna ungu pada ujung dan depan mata membingkai warna hijau di tengah. Baurkan
  3. Tambahkan eyeliner
  4. Buat titik-titik menggunakan eyeliner berwarna putih untukmendapatkan efek debu galaxy
  5. Tambahkan warna cokelat untuk menambahkan bayangan pada atas warna

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Teal Cut Crease Look

Hello smocchers. Wassup ? so today i'm gonna share my cut-crease look. I love cut crease makeup, because they are so artistic and it's look simple but still need much practice. Well before that,i ever made orange version but i think it's not really stunning and pop so i remake and change the color became teal. Well let see...

Tutorial :

  1. Draw cat eye shape with teal cream eyeshadow. In here i'm using maybelline color tatto in tenacious teal.
  2. Apply electric blue eyeliner half down of your eyes and blend to make it smoother
  3. Draw thin liner in outer cat eyes
  4. Apply bronze in your lids and in corner of your eyes 

Purple Gold Egypt Eye's Makeup

Hello everyone. Well this is my first post in english. If you ask me why i'm using english for this post ? i will tell you later in oct! haha. Today i'm gonna share my experiments. I nmaed it egypt  because the color remain me of cleopatra and spinx. So i think i better named this. Honestly this is like accident color on my eye's. First i just want to make cut crease with purple and gold color. Until i realize this makeup is not life,not arts. So i'm trying to framed it with black liquid eyeliner and the result was amazing. Woohooo. Well, i'm gonna tell you step by step how i doing this look. Before that i really sorry there is no pictorial because i forgot to take the pict first haha lol..

Here we go

Eye's Tutorial :

  1. First in first, you need to apply purple eyeshadow in center of your eye's. In here i'm using Maybelline color tatto in Purple
  2. Next is, i'm gonna apply dark blue color in my inner corner and outer corner of my eye's. Make sure you already apply base or primer
  3. To make your eyes more better add eyeliner close into your lashes
  4. Draw thick line above the eyeliner and purple color. Make like a you framed it
  5. This is the best part! with your favorite liquid eyeliner,draw a thin line around the gold color. Framed them!
  6. Apply falshies and were done!
Lips :

  1. For completed this look, use gold-ish lips. In here i'm using Maybelline colorshow in True tofee and i add a lil bit gold eyeshadow in center of my lips
What do you think ? i realy like this look. Becasue they look amazing and so glamour. I think i'm gonna use this for my prom haha. Oke guys, thank you for reading and i really need you guys help. Correct my english if i'm wrong. Sorry for bad grammar. 


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Silkygirl Pop Soda Lip Jelly Cherry Friz Review

Hai smoochers. Kali ini aku mau review lip product dari silkygirl. Mumpung lagi ada promo diskon di Guardian,jadi aku ambil aja hihi. Kalo di kemasanya ini bukan lipbalm atau lipstick tapi lip jelly.

Lip jelly ini hampir mirip kayak stick balm. Bedanya ini bisa berubah warna jadi pink natural. Dulu aku pernah pake magic lip seperti ini juga dari lip ice, tapi lip ice ini hasilnya agak menor di bibir dan kurang melembapkan. Kalo silkygirl ini warnanya gak menor dan tebel setelah di pake, tapi sayangnya ini kurang melembapkan. Malah bisa di bilang gak melembapkan sama sekali.... Lip jelly nya lucu banget,kayak permen. Teksturnya juga keras dan transparan. haha. Aku pake ini buat di sekolah,karena kadang bibir jadi gelap dan kucel jadi suapaya lebih fresh dikit lah. Cuman sayangnya ini gak ada spfnya.

Hasilnya setelah di pake gak glossy banget. Aku pake ini bibir aku jadi pecah-pecah dan berasa keringnya. Tapi warna bibir aku jadi bagus. Kalo mau touch up harus dilapisin lipbalm lagi supaya bibir gak pecah-pecah. Enaknya ini walaupun di touch up berkali-kali gak bikin bibir merah gonjreng. Kalo di liat ini hampir mirip jelly tint aku dari The Face Shop,cuman warnanya gak terlalu keluar dan kurang melembapkan.

Kemasanya bagus, kayak lipstick. Simple. Harganya bisa di bilang terjangkau sekitar IDR 28.000 dan aku beli diskon jadi IDR 14.900

Ok Kesimpulan :


  • Warnanya natural
  • Gak bikin warna yang gonjreng
  • Kemasanya bagus
  • Harganya sangat terjangkau

  • Kering di bibir
  • Kurang melembapkan
  • Gak ada spfnya :( 

Rating ?


Will I Buy This Again ?
Mending beli lipbalm beneran yang ada warnanya. Harganya malah lebih murah dan udah terjamin kelembapanya.


Roro Mendut Masker Dan Lulur Rempah Hitam Review (Sponsored Item)

Haii smoochers. Lama gak update blog, btw sekarang aku lagi sibuk banget nih karena ya taulah udah kelas tiga dan harus belajar serius demi masuk perguruan tinggi. Well kali ini aku mau review barang endorse a.k.a sponsor. Senang sekali aku bisa berkesempatan buat cobaiin produk lokal daro Roro Mendut. Sebenernya, barang yang mereka kasih itu banyak tapi yang baru aku pake itu cuman lulur dan masker rempah hitamnya.

Kemasanya kayak makanan haha
Keterangan masing-masing produk. Atas masker bawah lulur

Sendok ukur yang di pakai

Sempet gak mau nerima karena aku pikir ini produk yang abal-abal. Tapi setelah aku googling aku liat beberapa blogger udah buat reviewnya dan hasilnya bisa di bilang meyakinkan. Label halal dari MUI nya juga terpampang jeas di gambar kemasan, dan akhirnya aku yakin buat nerima. Setelah dateng aku langsung coba dua produk ini. Aku ini anaknya kurang teliti, jadi pas liat sekilas aku pikir tulisanya ketan hitam ternyata rempah hitam haha lol. Fungsi lulur sama maskernya ini untuk mencerahkan dan membuat wajah lebih glowing.
Setelah di campurkan

Perbedaan bubuk lulur dan masker
Lulur sama maskernya ini bisa di pake di muka dan badan. Karena aku melihat porsi yang didapet gak memungkinkan but badan,jadi aku pake di muka dulu. Bubuk lulurnya ini warnanya kecoklatan. Kalo keteranganya sih, sebelum pake masker dulu, muka sebaiknya di lulur dulu. Akhirnya aku coba pake scrubnya dulu, aku pake sedikit aja, sekitar 5 gr dan air 2 sdt. Menurut aku 5 gr itu kebanyakan, malah lebihan buat make sampe ke leher. Pas pertama make sih butiran lulurnya gak terlalu kasar dan keras. Cara pemakainya hampir sama kayak lulur badan, sambil di massage dengan gerakan memutar habis itu tunggu sampe agak kering terus gosok lagi sampe luruh lulurnya. Kemaren aku makenya kebablasan, aturanya jangan sampe lulur terlalu kering supaya luruhnya gampang dan aku makenya sampe kering, pas di gosok kulitku sakit banget :(. Aroma dari lulurnya sendiri enak banget aku suka, aromanya kayak rempah-rempah. Warnanya coklat tua dan teksturnya agak kentel. Setelah pake ini, muka gak kerasa kering atau ketarik. Muka bersih dan kinclong banget,suka deh. Dan habis pake ini muka berasa cerah.
Masker berwarna keijauan dan butiran lebih halus
Lulur berwarna kecoklatan 

Karena aku sudah selesai pake lulur, sekarang saatnya nyobaiin maskernya. Hampir sama dengan lulurnya, bedanya maskernya ini butiranya lebih halus dan berwarna putih. Tapi setelah di pake berubah jadi ijo lol. Bubuk maskernya memang jauh lebih halus daripada lulur. Masa pemakaianya juga gak lama cukup 15-20 menit aja masker udah kering.Takaranya hampir sama kayak lulur, cuman aku kebanyakan airnya jadi harus di tambah lagi sedikit. Maskernya ini agak boros ketimbang lulur. Tekstur maskerya cair banget dan agak rempong makenya kalo pake tangan. Pake masker ini gak berasa panas atau pedih di muka. Aromanya juga enak gak terlalu menyegat. Dan setelah di bilas, muka jadi lebih bersih dan glowing. Tanpa membuat kulit berasa kaku atau ketarik.

Setelah pake lulur

Setelah pake masker
Kalo dari kemasan, aku kurang suka soalnya ribet banget. Bisa kececer kemana-mana. Dan kemasanya itu sederhana banget, *maaf ya* kurang menarik. Seharusnya produk lokal bisa kasih kemasan yang bagus, apalagi kalo kualitasnya bagus kayak gini . Btw ini sudah berlabel halal dan MUI dan sudah terdaftar di balai pom, jadi kamu gak perlu merasa tekut kalo ini produk abal-abal.

Ok Kesimpulan :


  • Enak di pakai
  • Bikin muka glowing dan cerah
  • Gak bikin kulit ketarik
  • Lulurnya gak bikin iritasi atau perih 
  • Maskernya lembut
  • Berlabel Halal dari MUI dan ada nomor seri BPOM

  • Kemasanya repot
  • Maskernya boros pemakaian
  • Gak ada di pasaran kayak hypermart,etc :(
Rating ?

Will I Buy This Again ?

Semoga aja bagusnya gak cuman di awal aja. Tapi so far memang kulit aku berasa lebih halus dan cerah. Biasanya kalo aku scrubing kulit aku bruntusan dan merah-merah. Sejauh ini sih gaada masalah. Jadi kalo baik-baik aja aku bakal beli lagi

Kalo mau beli di mana ?

Kamu bisa kunjungin websitenya Roro mendut  Atau kamu bisa hubungi cs nya melalui sms 082323236404 atau bisa juga lewat bbm 7D6D6C75 


Friday, September 5, 2014

Pictorial : Orange Cat Eye's With Blue Tutorial

Hai again smoochers. Masih mau kasih kalian pictorial nih. Kali ini aku mau kasih tutorial yang super gampang. Temanya adalah cat eye's. Di dandanan kali ini, kita cuman bermain sama eyeliner warna-warni. Seru gak ? seru dong. Makeup ini cocok banget buat kamu yang punya lid yang sama kayak aku (baca : monolid). Mari kita mulai...

Bahan yang di gunakan :

  • Maybelline Gel Eyeliner (Black)
  • Maybelline ColorShow Crayon Kohl (Orange)
  • Silky Girl Eye Pencil (Funky Girl)

Tutorial :

  1. Gambar cat eye's shape dengan menggunakan gel eyeliner. Buat cat eye's bold sampai ke tengah mata
  2. Tambahkan warna orange dengan menggunakan maybelline colorshow crayon kohl dari bagian tengah ke ujung mata
  3. Baurkan eyeliner secara bersamaan
  4. Tambahkan eyeliner pencil berwarna biru pada bagian bawah mata


Pictorial : Simple Eye Makeup Tutorial

Haloo smoochers. Aku mau kasih tutorial lagi nih. Kali ini temanya yang simple-simple aja ya. Eits, jangan salah sangka. Makeup yang di bilang simple ini bisa di pake buat kapan aja lho. Bisa buat daily sampe ke pesta sekalipun. Di sini aku menggunakan warna yang sudah sangat melegenda dan klasik yaitu bronze atau coklat. Untuk makeup yang di pake, aku menggunakan kode ya, jadi kamu tinggal liat di gambar.Well kita mulai yaa...

Alat yang akan digunakan :

  • Sephora Makeup Bag Palette (brown)
  • Maybelline Color Tatoo (Bronze)
  • Maybelline ColorShow Crayon Khol (Gold)
  • Maybelline Hypergloss Liquid Eyeliner (Black) 
  • Kose Fake Eyelashes
Tutorial :

  • Pertama-tama gunakan eyeshadow cream B pada seluruh kelopak mata
  • Gunakan eyeshadow A pada ujung mata membentuk bingkai mata. Lalu baurkan dengan blending brush
  • Gunakan D pada garis bulu mata. Bentuk seperti Cat Eye's
  • Pada bagian bawah mata, gunakan eyeshadow A dari ujung mata sampai tengah mata
  • Untuk membuat gradasi, tambahkan eyeliner crayon gold C dari tengah mata ke sudut mata
  • Terakhir jeput bullu mata, dan lapisi dengan mascara. Agar mata tampak lebih menarik gunakan bulu mata palsu F. 
Gimana smoochers. Simple kan ? Now it's time to selfiee

Forget about my small nose :'(



Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pictorial: Arabian Princess Makeup Inspired

Haloo smoochers. Happy September yaa!!. Kali ini aku mau kasih pictorial ya, warnanya ini pas banget mencerminkan putri arab, selain itu warn-warna solid yang di pake juga kentel banget sama nuansa-nuansa timur tengah. Tiap produk aku kasih kode-kode sendiri supaya tahapanya lebih jelas dan mudah di mengerti.

Well kita mulai ya, ini produk yang akan di pakai :

Sephora Makeupbag Palette

Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow Cooper Brown

Maybelline Hyperdiamond Eyeshadow Wn-1

  1. Maybelline Hyperdiamon Glow Eyeshadow ( Wn-1)
  2. Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow ( Cooper Brown)
  3. Maybelline Eyeliner Pencil (Black) 
  4. Sephora Makeup Bag Palette (Black)
  5. Maybelline Colorshow Eyekajal (Tosca)
  6. Revlon Photoready Eyekajal (Nude and Green) 
  7. Eyelashes
How To :

  1. Mata sudah dalam keadaan siap dengan eye base. 
  2. Gunakan eyeshadow berwarna B2 dari ujung mata sampai ke tengah mata
  3. Tambahkan warna eyeshadow C dengan menggunakan blending brush dari tengah mata sampai luar mata. Baurkan dengan warna B2 agar memberikan efek gradasi
  4. Masih menggunakan blending brush, beri sedikit warna eyeshadow 7 pada luar mata
  5. Baurkan semua warna dari luar mata ke tengah mata lalu tambahkan warna A pada tulang alis sebagai highlight
  6. Untuk mempertegas mata, gunakaneyeliner pencil dari garis bulu mata sampai luar mata. 
  7. Tambahkan eyeliner pencil PB pada waterline mata, lalu bingkai dengan eyeliner pencil PA di bawah waterline yang sudah di beri warna PB
  8. Gunakan bulu mata palsu 

Gimana smoochers ? bagus gak ? maaf kalo agak sedikit kacau. Soalnya baru sekali aku main tabrak-tabrak warna kayak gini. Oke smoochers selamat mencoba yaa


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