Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Liebster Award From Nindy Hardjadinata

Hello everyone. I'm so happy today because i just got my second liebster award from ms. Nindi .  So what is liebster award ? Maybe you can check my previous post in my first liebster award. I would say thank you very much to her, she is beauty blogger just like me. But her blog is so pretty and cool.

For me liebster award is for acknowledge blogger with less than 200 followers. I think this award really help you to make your blogger more known in publick. 

Here's 11 fact about me :

1. I'm 17 yo girl
2. I love makeup and anything about beauty 
3. I have a boyfriend, his name is Kalvin
4. I ever be a leader in organisation on my school
5. I ever made some beauty class on my school when ramadhan 
6. I'm so reckless 
7. Some people think i'm chinese but i'm not at all -_- lol
8. I have very small nose :(
9. Boros dalam hal makeup
10. Sometimes my makeup is too mature
11. I love using dark red color on my lips hihih

Now, i will answer the question....

1. Rutinitas cantik kalian tiap pagi sebelum berangkat sekolah/kuliah/kerja apa sih?

I usually taking my skin care routine. Like toner,eye's cream and moisturizer. If i have much time i usually apply some bb cream,lip tint,eyebrow powder,mascara and eye glue. But if i'm in hurry, i just apply my maybelline superwhite fresh powder,eyebrow crayon and eye glue

2. Brand favorit kalian apa (max.3) dan sebutkan alasannya kenapa?

The Body Shop : Cantik sambil melestarikan lingkungan 
Maybelline : Good drugstore makeup with reasonable price
Etude House : They have amazing face makeup 

3. Ada nggak produk makeup koleksi kalian yang kemasannya paling lucu atau paling difavoritin?

Adaaaa. Dari Anna sui 

4. Kalau lagi muterin counter/stand makeup, kalian paling nggak tahan liat (dan pasti beli!) produk apa?

I'm a lippies person. I usually collecting lipstick than eyeshadow. 

5. Siapa beauty blogger favorit kalian?

Banyaaak. But my favorite is Sasya Ailee,Harumi Sudrajat and many more

6. Ada nggak sih selebriti yang kalian jadiin role model dalam hal ber-makeup? Kalau ya, siapa?

Adaa dong. I love lorde makeup. She sexy,smokey and dark. And my favorite one is mua from thailand. Her name is peary pie

7. Sebenernya perlu nggak sih dandan itu? Sebutin alesannya juga yaa ^^

Yes, Because makeup can show our personality. Btw if you see job vacancy term it must be good appearance. Makeup can make our self more clean and good. 

8. Kenapa memutuskan buat menulis blog tentang beauty?

So, so many of my friends asked me about makeup. So i think i need to make some articles that can make them more easier to learn about beauty and skin care. So i changed my blog became beauty blog. Before that, this blog made just because of some task from my teacher when i was junior school.

9. Lebih prefer mana: produk kecantikan dari Korea/Jepang, USA/UK atau lokal/Indonesia?

USA is the best. They have much variant of makeup with great quality. 

10. Lebih suka baca blog yang berbahasa Inggris atau yang berbahasa Indonesia?

Depend on my mood. But indonesian is more understand than english. Even i can and understand english. 

11. Punya brand lokal favorit? Kalau ada, sebutin yaa. Kalau nggak, sebutin alesannya ;) 

PAC. I love this product because they were amazing and they have good quality of makeup too. But the price is lil bit expensive :(

I will nominated this talented blogger 

So here's my 11 question for you :

1. What is your signature color ?
2. Are you prefer to bold or nude ?
3. What do you think about cat eye shape eyeliner ?
4. How long you spend time for makeup ?
5. What is your favorite makeup brand ? Why ?
6. If you have a change to get 1 free makeup, what will you pick ?
7. Do you prefer using bb cream than foundation ?
8. Can you tell me what is your daily makeup ?
9. What is your skincare routine ?
10. Who supporting you as beauty blogger ?
11. Please insert your makeup storage/collection for me :) 

So that's all. So i'll be waiting for you guys to answer all the question that i give to you. Good luck girls :) 


  1. Thank you for answering my questions :)

    Anyway, eye glue buat apaan say? :O

    1. Ia sama2 kaak.

      Eyeglue buat bentuk kelopak mataa kak. Di pake rutin biar kebentuk hihi

  2. aku udh prnh bikin blh di tambahin di post sblmnya aja nga? :)

    1. Terserah km aja sih dear hihi. Cuman sih biasanya buat postingan baru spy lebih enak di bacanyaa

    2. soalnya yg sblmnya di nominate ke aku jg liebster yg kloter ini juga hehe logo nya jg sama :)

    3. Logonya aja yg sama. Questionnya bedaaaaa hihihi. Tapi terserah km aja sih ^^

  3. sabine check my new post yaa :)


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