Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NYX Cream Eyeshadow CRS 15 Musk Review

Holla everyonee. How are you today ? well this is my last post in this month. So today, i'm gonna review my newest cream eyeshadow from nyx that i bought from preloved makeup store on instagram. I'm a big fan of cream eyeshadow. Because they had very pigmented color,waterproof,won't smudge and blendable. I choose to buy preloved because they more cheap and you never regret to try if you feel disappointed with the result. Because once again, you bought with half price. Oke so here we gooo.....


I received this last day. I'm so excited to try, but when i opened the pack, i'm lil bit disappointed. Because in the caption on the photo it said the color was baby pink not musk. I want to complaint but the color was pretty and i think is better that baby pink hahaah lol. The color is looks like a gold,but not looks like bright gold. Is like little bit of bronze.

Actually the color is so prettty and very nice. It has metallic finish and look so stunning when you swatch it. The aplicator remain me of lipgloss hahha. Honestly, i love this product because it write water resistant. But when i do some test water, it just smudging and fade away :(. And there were some messy on your eye's. All the shimmering stuck on your skin :(.

When i drop some water and i rubed it with tissue 
I thought this is like maybelline color tatto, that you don't need to waiting for dry. But this is really wet and need more time to drry. And the bad is, when it's dry, the eyeshadow is hard to blend and it will cracked and fell into your lids :(. I tried to make some layers on my eye's, i think it's not a good idea because you just make the cream fade and lacked :(. And this is little bit heavy on your skin, when its dry you feel like u used some mask on your eye's.

Oke conclution :


  • Cheap ( Preloved : IDR 30.000 / $3 ) 
  • The color is pigmented
  • Amazing metallic finish

  • Hard to dry
  • Cracked when it dry
  • Not blendable
  • Not waterproof at all
  • Leave some shimmer when you try to remove it :( 
Rating ?


Will i buy this again ?

NO NO NO NO!!!! Don't need any reason why i said NO


  1. Wah sempet penasaran beli ini...warnanya cocok buat pengantin...ternyata kurang bagus ya...thank you postnya..
    Btw, I follow your blog..follow back if you don't mind.. ^_^

    1. Iya dear. Warnanya cakep sekaaalii. Awalnya mau beli warna lain lagi tapi pas aku udah cobaa langsung urung niat hihihi. Thank's for followin mee...iya nanti ku follow ya pas aku onlinee ^^


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