Thursday, September 11, 2014

Teal Cut Crease Look

Hello smocchers. Wassup ? so today i'm gonna share my cut-crease look. I love cut crease makeup, because they are so artistic and it's look simple but still need much practice. Well before that,i ever made orange version but i think it's not really stunning and pop so i remake and change the color became teal. Well let see...

Tutorial :

  1. Draw cat eye shape with teal cream eyeshadow. In here i'm using maybelline color tatto in tenacious teal.
  2. Apply electric blue eyeliner half down of your eyes and blend to make it smoother
  3. Draw thin liner in outer cat eyes
  4. Apply bronze in your lids and in corner of your eyes 


  1. Cantik, eye shadow andalanmu unt blogging ini apa sih? Hehe

    1. Makasih dear. Ah aku pake yang biasa aja kok hhihi,pake maybelline ajaaa ^^


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