Thursday, September 25, 2014

Viva Eye Base Gel Vs La Tulipe Eye Base Wax : Whis Is Better ?

Hollla everyone. How was your day ?. Today i'm gonna do some rivals with my two eyebase. Both is local brand, but this base is being favorite by many indonesian girls. Another they have reasonable price, they quality good enough to make eyeshadow more pigmented,won't smudge,and long lasting. But i think. its never complete if i never make some comparison between this product. So here we go....

Specification of Viva Eye Base Gel :

  • Gel Textured 
  • Need waiting time to dry
  • No fragrance
  • With chamomile extract 
  • Has cooling effect
  • Shooting eye's area
  • Won't make eyeshadow smudge
  • Make eyeshadow more pigmented
  • Price is IDR 10.000 / $ 1
Specification of La Tulipe Eye Base Wax :

  • No need waiting time
  • Not hygienic 
  • Wax texture
  • Smell like baby oil
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Won't make eyeshadow smudge
  • Make eyeshadow waterproof
  • Eyeshadow more pigmented
  • Travel friendly
  • Price is IDR 29.000 / $ 3 
So, if you see all the specification above, you maybe think both is almost same. But its not!. La tulipe make your eyeshadow more pigmented, i said like high pigmented. But Viva makes your eyeshadow pigmeted too, but more soft and smooth. But sometimes la tulipe is hard to blend because it has wax texture,so the color stuck on you skin that you apply the base. And with La tulipe, you might not spread the base all over your eye's. Viva is good,but i hate to waiting until its dry. Because it just waste my time lol. La tulipe is not hygienic, because you need to dip your fingers in wax. So make sure you hand is clean. Viva is not very long lasting like la tulipe.

So which is better for me ? 
I would said....La tulipe won!. For me la tulipe is the best one. Because it can makes the color high pigmented,lost lasting and make your eyeshadow waterproof. 

So girls, you already know about this product. Which is the best for you ? let me know it with leave somment below :)


  1. Nice post, aku lg Cari eye base yg bagus :)

    1. Haii raden. Thank you ^^. Sofar sih irban decay yang menang. Tapi kalo cari yang terjangkau mending pake ini ajaa

  2. tuh yang la tulipe adalah Holy Grail banget untuk base eyeshadow.. hihihi..

    1. Iya mbaak. Kalo enak yang viva cuman ya itu kuran maksimaal di pake sama eyeshadow. Kalo la tulipe udah fix menang hahah. Beli juga mbaak cobaaa ^^

  3. sabine aku nominasiin kamu di liebster award ku ya ;)


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