Friday, October 10, 2014

Lt Pro Shade And Tint Kit 02 Review

Helo everyone. Today i will review my favorite shading kit from our local brand. This is my first shading kit,so that's why i said best. Lt pro is sub brand from La tulipe. The difference is Lt pro is more expensive and the quality is more better that la tulipe. Usually used by makeup artist for photoshoot,modelling,etc. The packaging is more delux too. So lets back to the review....

The packaging is small and compact. Travel friendly

I bought this in my favorite local beauty store Princess. It has three shade of color. Actually i more prefer to number three but the BA said many people regret to choose the number 03 because they too light in skin and not make contour anymore. So i choose the number 02,they said this color is best seller too,who knows right ? haha.

It has small mirror too

Inside it, it has two color. Dark for contour and light for highlighting your bones. It has mirror too inside,so its really helping you for travelling. But it has no place to store the brush. The packaging is compact and travel friendly.

My face it doesn't looks like contour right ?

When i try this by myself, i think the ba is right. The color is blended really well on my skin,and the texture is really blendable. The color is pigmented,so trying not too much applying on your face,because it can make your face messy with brown color. But,the highlight color is not really work on my face. It looks like translucent powder when you applying it,

too bad, it doesn't give you dramatic arch :(

Unfortunately,my face is going break out after use this. I don't know why,maybe its because i'm too much layering makeup on my face or its too heavy for my skin :(.

Ok conclution :


  • Blendable
  • Color pigmented
  • Work on my face
  • Compact for travelling
  • Cheap IDR 95.000 / $ 9

  • The highlighting is not work on my skin :(
  • Not make dramatic effect on my skin :( 
  • Make my face breakout :(
Rating ?


Will I Buy This Again ?

No. Honestly this is nice on my face,but it makes my face breakouts and it's not give you dramatic effect contour. I wanna try shading kit from another brand. Maybe they more better.

Where's to buy ? 

Princess Cosmetic Shop (Banjarmasin). If you outside from Banjarmasin, you can find them in Hyppermart,Matahari dept store,etc. 

So that's my review. And don't forget to joining my 1st anniversary giveaway :) 

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