Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Maybelline Clean Express Makeup Remover Short Review

Hello everyone. How are you today ? it's my second day mid tes. And i wishes i get the good result for that amiin. So today i'm gonna review the newest makeup remover from maybelline. Many bblog said this is better than before and it more effective to clean waterproof makeup.

Like waterproof makeup remover usually, it has two formula inside. Like oil and water,i think it's oily like before. But when i tried this, i feel amazing. Because it doesn't leave sticky feeling or grease at all. I'm a maybelline mascara user, and usually it's kinda hard to remove them but with this all clean with easily.

I love the packaging is. It look so good,elegant and more clean. But i'm not sure it's safety for travelling.

Ok Conclution


  • Not oily
  • Easy to remove waterproof makeup
  • Cleaan packaging

So far is noothing

Rating ?


Will I buy This Again ?

Yes ofc

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