Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nyx Macaroon Lips MALS12 Chambord Review

Hello everyone. I'm gonna review a lime crime lipstick dupe from nyx. Nyx has just made a new lipstick with crazy solid color. I said might be think it could be dark purple or red blood,but its totally wrong! the crazy color that i mean in here like a blue,gree,yellow,black,etc. Sound's creepy but it seems good to try hahah.

The pacakging shown the color of lipstick

I'm in love with lime crime color,but they price is not friendly with me for some lips product. So when i knew Nyx has same product but more cheaper, i choose the nyx one in chambord. I know chambord is black,but why i choose black ? because black is neutral,you can mix it with any color to give seductive color on your lips. Btw,the shop has just three color blue,pistachio and chambord.

I thought the packaging is small,but honestly is bigger than my other lipstick hahah. This lipstick its pretty pigmented. But you must layering for two until three times to get darker color. What i hate from this lipstick is if its get wet,the color will spread around your lips,and it looks sooo disgustingg. You might be think this lipstick can make your lips dry,but so far my lips is not dry to use this. Be careful to use this,because you don't want the color stuck on your teeth hahah.

I mixed it with red. Btw, i feel like evil haha
I wanna be a bad girl

I think this lipstick it's nice. Another the price is so friendly and reasonable. I'm not recommend you to use this as your daily lipstick. You must spread this lipstick well if you want good result.

Ok conclution :


  • Cheaper that lime crime
  • Good for crazy makeup and experiments 
  • It has many variant color
  • Not make my lips dry (so far) 
  • Pigmented

  • Its hard to blend
  • Not really long lasting
Rating ?


Will i buy this again ?

i don't know. Honestly i'm not profssional makeup artist or special effect makeup artist. But its really fun to play with it. So i think i'm gonna try another color

Where's to buy ?

Mai Shop. It based on Makasar. All the item is ready stock,and if its sold,the picture will be deleted

*desclaimer : This product based on my own and honest experience. Not for sponsorship or endorsement item. It can be change sometimes. 

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  1. Denger2 sih lipstik yg warnanya bukan warna bibir alami (item, kuning, dll) emang rada susah di blend dan teksturnya ga asik bgt. Btw, love this lipstick. Looks good on you. Wanna buy, tapi kapan makenya T_T

    1. Ada sih kak warna yg masih bersahabat kayak violet,fuschia dll. Cuman lebih dominan warna2 yg kayak gituu. Iya teksturnya kayak eyeshadow yang dibuat lipstick. Cuman buat coba2 lah sekali-sekali tampak garang hahaha. Thank youuu hihi

  2. aa cocok wrnany dkmu.. pgn bli sih tp yg wrnanya pink/violet biar msh bs d pake bwt jalan :P

    1. Makasiih cantiik. Ada kok warna-warna yg kayak gitu. Tapi olshop yang aku beli cuman ready 3 warna ajaa blu,pistachio sama chambord hihi. Sekali-kali coba warna beginii

  3. Foto yg gak pake beanie sooo damn good. Beneran deh, keliatan bgt bad girl-nya hehehe. Lucu ya warnanya :D

    1. Makasih deaar. Iya warnanya lucuk lucuuuk >.< cuman gak friendly bgt buat daily hihihi

  4. Warnanya bagus ya, cuman masih sayang aja beli kalau kepake cuma sekali samapi 3kali. Tapi seru sih warna2nya buat bereksperimen :D



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