Monday, October 13, 2014

Revlon Correcting Primer Review

Hello everyone. Its me again. Well this is my first review about face primer. I never try face primer before,because i dont really understand what's the function. I just know primer just can make our face more cakey. But i was wrong,primer can set your foundation really well on your face.

 This primer is from revlon. I bought this because i think it can make my face matte and my foundation set well on my skin. And its true. This primer is amazing. I ever tried this for my course 4 hours in night,and it doesn't make my face oily nor the foundation fade away. I used liquid foundation from wardah,usually i used that make my face oily. But with this primer my face looks matte flawless with no oil. But, try not to much layering your skin with foundation, because it can makes your face so cakey. Btw this color is lil bit pinkish. But it not make your makeup looks pink.

Foundation with primer looks more smooth and spread well

The textured is cream,and really quick absorb on your skin. You just need a small palm and it will spread on your face. Pretty cool huh ?. Too bad, this primer has no spf. So i'm not recommended this for outside activity,except your foundation contain spf. This primer is quick to dry,i think you must use this often to avoid the product changes become dry and hard.

I don't like with the packaging. Because it's fragile and not travel friendly.The pump is small,so you don't to worry if you pumping the product too much. It's really good for you who has oily or combination skin.

Ok conclution :


  • Quick absorb
  • Good for combination or oily skin
  • Make foundation long lasting
  • Won't smudge foundation 

  • Quick to dry :(
  • It has no spf :( 
  • Bulky packaging 
  • Pricey IDR 155.000 / $15 
Rating ?


Will i buy this again ?

Well, i'm not a big fan of face primer. And usually i used this for my makeup client. Maybe i would buy this again. 

Where's to buy ?

Princess kosmetik store (Banjarmasin) or any revlon counter. 

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