Sunday, October 26, 2014

Silky Girl Color Lipbalm Review

Hai hai everyone. Today i'm gonna review my favorite tinted balm from Silkygirl. This lipbalm is has great quality. I have two color, 04 Romantic Pink and 05 Sweet Pink. Both is pretty and moisturizing your lips well.

The packaging is cute and girly

Left is Sweet pink and in the right is romantic pink

This lipbalm is better than soda pop lips one. Both the color is good,but i prefer to romantic pink,because romantic pink is more tinted on my lips and make my lips looks fresh and the color is more reddish. The sweet pink is more sheer on my lips, honestly before i do some swatch on my lips i think the sweet pink one is better but i was wrong. The color is long lasting,and natural on my lips.
I;m using romantic pink on my lips

Romantic pink is more tinted on my lips and looks natural

I love the packaging. It's simple and so girly. The packaging is slim and not need much space on your makeup bag. The texture is really nice, its soft and smooth on your lips. When you glide on you lips, it just melting on your lips. Btw, i think it has no smell or any fragrance.

Left is sweet pink and right is romantic pink.

It has semi glossy finish. Not much glossy but not really matte.

Ok Conclution :


  • Moist your lips
  • Not glossy finish
  • Pretty color
  • Good packaging
  • Really cheap IDR under 20.000 / less than $2
  • The texture is really nice
  • Long lasting color

  • No spf 


Will i buy this again ?

I said yes!. I think this lipbalm is suitable for teenager. Because the color's not heavy as lipstick or make your llips dry as a liptint. 


  1. God
    I'm bummed with the packaging because it reminds me so much of my HG Liptint from Etude ~ Follow me tint spf13 which is DISCONTINUED

    Why Etude...WHY??! :(

    ps: yea, I agree romantic pink looks better ^^

    1. Idk etude has the same product with this. Thank you for reading :)


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