Thursday, November 6, 2014

Maybelline Falsies Mascara Review

Hai everyone. I know it's lil bit late to review this mascara. This mascara drive me crazy since i read about that review. It said it can make your lashes more long and thick like using flasies. I have a short and thin lashes so i think this mascara helps my problem.

The packaging is almost same with magnum series

as you can see in the stick has some fracture to make the brush more flexible

This mascara packaging is closer with magnum series but its purple. The brush is almost same with magnum too lol, but the difference in the stick near the brush, it more flexible and more wiggle loool. When i saw some review in makeupalley, it said this is dupe from benefit they'real mascara which is more cheaper.

When i tried this mascara, it also pushed your lashes even your not curl your lashes first. And make you lashes more length and thick. Like you used fake eyelashes in natural version. This mascara is long lasting and also waterproof.

Ok conclution :


  • Make your lash thick
  • Make your lash like using fake eyelash
  • More cheaper than benefit they'real mascara
  • The brush is flexible 
  • Quick to dry

  • So far is nothing 
Rating ?


Will I buy this again ?

Yessss, ofc this mascara is also good for you who has short and fine lashes like me. Or if you are fake eyelash fans, u can use this mascara to make your lashes fused.

Where's To Buy ?

Maybelline Counter's at Matahari Dept Store. Price is IDR 98.000 or $9

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