Thursday, November 6, 2014

My November Haul Part 1

Hello everyone. How was your day ? so today i'm gonna do some haul. This is my part 1 haul, if you guys thinking i bought a lot of makeup you guys right!. Actually its not all i bought in this month, i still waiting for four items more that i ordered online one months ago hahah. So let's begin, what i bought for this month.....

What i bought for this month

 So, what do you think ? is that pretty much for me ? hahah so this is the way make me happy :D. So let's begin with first item.

1. Maybelline Falshies And Rocketter Mascara

I bought this mascara because the old one it getting dry and is out from 3 month. That mean, i should change the new one because all the germ is grew in there hhiiy.

2. Elise Falshies
I bought in three different variant
 So many bblogger said this is the ardell lashes dupe and more cheaper. I bought in two different variant premium and standar. The premium one is more expensive and they lashes more smooth.

5. Maybelline Color Tatto And PAC Eyebrow Pencil

I'm a big fan of myb color tatto, as you guys know i usually used this as my looks. And i completed the color. I bought PAC eyebrow pencil because its good,looks natural.

6. Revlon Superlustrous Lipgloss And Revlon Photoready Foundation

I believe with revlon product that hey have good quality. And i can't resist for the lipgloss because they had cute color and looks so good for daily use. For foundation, i bought this because my wardah liquid foundation has empty.

7. Silkygirl Long Lasting Lipliner

I never had lipliner before, so i choose sg because my bblog friends said this is pretty good and the price is reasonable. It just had three shade

8. PAC Brush Cleanser

I bought this cleanser brush because i got hard when i clean my waterproof makeup brush like lipbrush,cream eyeshadow.

9. Mane n Tail Shampoo Original

10. Maybelline Gel Eyeliner

11. Ubu Foundation Brush and Small Stippling Brush

12. Sariayu Beauty Kit

13. PAC TWC Palette

i'm sorry guys, i forgot to take some pict :(.

Well that's my part 1 haul. wdyt ? review as soon as posible :'). Well thank you for reading and i hope you guys enjoy and byeee

Haul part 2 is coming soon

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