Thursday, November 6, 2014

Revlon Colorbrust Lipbutter Cotton Candy And Red Velvet Review

Hello everyone. I'm gonna review lipbutter from revlon. This lipstick is from colobrust series but its butter textured. I never heard a lipstick with butter textured, usually i just found creamy liptick.

Actually this is gift from my bfs *i know how sweet he is*, idk why he bought me this color. Both looks great but i think the cotton candy more looks sheer on my lips. The red velvet color is gorgeous, it looks like dark red but not too dark. I love red velvet one, but i think the color it's to mature for me :'( . The color is long lasting, i used this for my dance practice in two  hour and the color still on fire on my lips hahah.

Swatch on my lips

Swatch on my hand
The textured is nice, it soft and smooth on my lips. It doesn't make my lips dry. It almost close with lip butter but with a hint of color. It's because has the butter textured, its moist my lips well. Finish textured is semi glossy i guess. This lipstick its so soft, so you must be carefull if you using some brush because you don't want to broke it.  Btw i'm in love with this packaging, because it looks glamour and cool. I recommend this lipstick for daily use or if you have a dry lips.

Ok Conclution :


  • Smooth on my lips
  • Long lasting
  • Won't make my lips dry
  • Good for dry lips
  • Good packaging

  • The cotton candy color is to sheer
  • The texture is too soft
Rating ?


Will I Buy This Again ?

I guess, because i have a dry lips and i'm too lazy to apply lipbalm first before lipstick. 

Where's To Buy ?

Revlon Counter's at Matahari Dept Store. Price : IDR80.000 

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