Saturday, November 8, 2014

Revlon Superlustrous Shine Lipgloss 210 Pinkissimo and 245 Pango Peach

Hello everyone. Happy sunday!. This time i'm gonna review my new lipgloss form revlon. This lipgloss is from superlustrous series. I have tried the superlustous lipstick, and i think it's worth and the price is cheap. I think the lipgloss is worth to try too.

Right is pinkissimo nad right is pango peach

 Actually i'm not a big fan of lipgloss since they have super sticky formula that make me feel uncomfortable with it. But i can't resist the cuteness of the color, its flirty and soo fresh. The color is not really out they more transparent but it still look tint on my lips. This lipgloss type is shimmer. What i love from this lipgloss is it doesn't feel grassy or sticky on you lips, and it doesn't make your lips looks like using an oil.


Let's move on to the packaging. The pacakging is good for me, but i think its too fat for lipgloss. The applicator is good, its sponge.  Btw it has some scented and it's not really strong and i'm fine with it.
Pango peach result
Pango peach result

Pinkissimo result

Pinkissimo result
Ok conclusion :


  • Not sticky
  • Not too shine
  • The color is good
  • Long lasting
  • Won't make my lips dry

  • So far is nothing
Rating ?


Will i buy this again ?

Yes! i will try another color. This is so good for teenager, because it looks natural,not to heavy like a lipstick and its moist too. The point plus of this is it won't sticky at all. 

Where's to buy ? 

Revlon counter's
Princess cosmetic price is IDR 58.000 discount 10% IDR 52.200 

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