Thursday, November 6, 2014

Silkygirl Long - Wearing Lipliner Review

Hallo everyone. I'm gonna review adorable drugstore brand lipliner. I bought this because i never tried lip liner before and its just for my works. Another that reason, i saw a few bblog said this lipliner has good quality too.

This lipliner only has three shade color Nude,Mauve, and Rose. All the color is pretty, but not all the lipstick can match with those color. The nude one it's look like brown with a hint of pink, and the mauve is like purple with a hint of brown and the rose is red with a hint of pink. My favorite is rose.

From above nude,mauve,rose

This lipliner is easy to use. I hope sg can more color and neutral color for this lipliner. Btw, the textured is crayon, it has no smell.

Ok conclusion :


  • Smooth 
  • Nice
  • No smell
  • The color is pretty
  • No need sharpen

  • Its only has three shade :( 
Rating ?


Will i buy this again ?

Yes. Its doesn't just cheap but its also good.

Where's to buy ?

Guardian or Silkygirl Counters. price IDR 35.000

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